Program : Degree

Course : Malaysian Economy

Code : ECMB313

Credit Hours : 03

Contact Hours : 03

Semester : Semester 1 Academic Year 2012/2013

Subject Synopsis

This course provides the student with an overview of the Malaysian economy - the role of the government and its economic interaction with other countries in the region. Topics such as government economic plans and policies, income distribution and poverty eradication, labour force and labour relations, the financial system and international trade and investment will be covered in this course.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students are expected to:

1. Critically analyse the Malaysian economy and its components.

2. Apprehend the economic development of the nation thus far.

3. Apprehend fundamental economic analysis provided by the media.

4. Rationally analyse the macro economy environment and the external factors in business decision-makings.

5. Assess, analyze and suggest appropriately methods on economy crisis.

6. Rationally analyse the implication of macro economy environment, current issues and implications of the current policies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Section :

1. Explain the difference between the concept of  economic growth, and economic development.

2. What is economic structure? In case of Malaysia’s, the economy structure divided into three main sectors. Briefly explain the Three (3) main sectors to the economy.

3. Briefly discuss 5 (FIVE) social economic policy in Malaya during British colonial period.

4. What are the socio economic problems in Malaysia as a result of the British rules in Malaya?

5. Discuss 3 (THREE) of the factors affecting the increasing trend of economic growth in Malaysia.

6. What is CEPT and AFTA?

7. What have been the recent significant decisions made by the ASEAN Member Countries regarding CEPT for AFTA?

8. Can Member Countries accelerate the liberalisation process under the CEPT for AFTA?

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